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White Widow Feminized Seed


White Widow Feminized Description

One of the most legendary marijuana strains is the White Widow Feminized, covered in crystals the buds looks frosty and sugercoated.


Though it is a relatively new strain, the White Widow Feminized gained popularity amazingly fast. Because of the high THC levels, easiness to grow and the promising yield of the White Widow, breeders adopted the White Widow Feminized seeds with enthusiasm.


Smoking the White Widow gives a powerful and energetic, yet social buzz. Be prepared for a strong high, and a very enhanced appetite.


Well suited for growing in colder climates like Europe. Quite easy to grow and this White Widow feminized plant does not have to grow tall for a good yield. Compact and firm buds.


A high percentage of growers found this plant met all their needs as far as yield and potency go.

10 Seeds $90.95 USD
20 Seeds $170.90 USD
30 Seeds $250.99 USD
50 Seeds $510.75 USD
100 Seeds $900.55 USD



White Widow Feminized specifications

Thc : 26%

Cbd : 0.75%

Indica : 65%

Sativa : 35%

Yield Indoor : 550 Grams (19 Ounces) M2

Yield Outdoor : 900 Grams (32 ounces) m2

Height Indoor : 60 cm

Height Outdoor : 120 cm

Flower Time : 7 to 8 Weeks

Harvest Month : October

Difficulty : moderate

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