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Sour Diesel feminized seed


Sour Diesel Feminized Description

Sour Diesel Feminized is legendary, and if you have not heard of it by now you must have recently emerged from your cave existence. This strain is a favorite of connoisseurs worldwide, and many people will say that this is their all time favorite strain, and for good reason


Sour Diesel Feminized delivers on every level: smell, flavor, potency, and yield. The flavor is truly exceptional, with sour and fuely notes which harmonize into an amazing flavor profile, that might make you blurt some expletive after you hit the Sour ! The high is a soaring sativa high with awesome potency, and uplifting effects. Great daytime smoke !


Sour Diesel Feminized is popular in Cali and on the west coast, where they have long considered it to be one of the best strains out there. Sour Diesel originated from the ECSD(East Coast Sour Diesel) which has long been considered the best in NYC. Sour Diesel comes from Chemdawg genetics, and has an intense terpenoid profile.

10 Seeds $90.94 USD
20 Seeds $175.89 USD
30 Seeds $310.83 USD
50 Seeds $585.72 USD
100 Seeds $900.44 USD



Sour Diesel Feminized specifications

Thc : 20%

Cbd : 0.09%

Indica : 25%

Sativa : 75%

Yield Indoor : 500 Grams (18 Ounces) M2

Yield Outdoor : 850 Grams (30 Ounces) M2

Height Indoor : 120 Cm

Height Outdoor : 230 Cm

Flower Time : 8 to 9 Weeks

Harvest Month : October

Difficulty : Moderate

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