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1 pound (448grams) $2200



Strain Name : LSD

Grade : A

Type : Hybrid - Indica Dominant

Looks :Seaweed green, almost yellow. Bright orange hairs. Crystals shine like diamonds under the light and completely cover every part of the bud.

Smell : Vanilla and yellow cup cakes. Smell is almost non-existent. Very stealth.

Taste : Smooth vanilla with a dash of faint skunk. Ultra smooth vapor that is great for the asthma. Skunky aftertaste.

Effects : Night time use. Powerful couchlock, munchies, deep thoughts, extreme anti-anxiety, very euphoric. Hits right behind the eyes instantly. Worked well for increased appetite, insomnia, pain relief, anxiety and relaxing. Very powerful medicinal effects without being in a stupor daze.

Potency : Very Strong

Potency : **WARNING** THIS BUD IS STRONG, NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this strain!! It makes me so happy!! I recommend this strain for anyone, but tread with care!! This bitch is strong, and will have you toasted for a long time!! You will love the adventure though, I guarantee it!!

Good Strain For : Nausea, anxiety, depression, and headaches

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