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Girl Scout Cookies


Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Description

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized has an overpowering smell that matches the buzz that comes with it. The buzz is a euphoric one that will keep you smiling the whole ride. Do not be fooled it will uplift you and keep your energy flowing. The taste is one of sweet and earthy...This is a well loved strain by all who cross its path :)


Girl Scout Cookies Feminized will help patients relieve the problems of having a headache or depression. It also helps calm the nerves after having a stressful day/week. Girl Scout Cookies Feminized will not put you to sleep by any means but definitely helps you find the level of comfort involved with getting there.


The common negatives are involved here also: cottonmouth and dry/red eyes. Other than that there are no negatives with Girl Scout Cookies Feminized. You light up and get to medicating and it is nothing but being happy and smiles from there. Enjoy :)

10 Seeds $110.94 USD
20 Seeds $185.89 USD
30 Seeds $320.83 USD
50 Seeds $590.72 USD
100 Seeds $920.44 USD



Girl Scout Cookies Feminized specifications

Thc : 20%

Cbd : 0.17%

Indica : 40%

Sativa : 60%

Yield Indoor : 750 GRAMS (26 OUNCES) M2

Yield Outdoor : 1400 GRAMS (49 OUNCES) M2

Height Indoor : 120 Cm

Height Outdoor : 240 Cm

Flower Time : 8 to 9 Weeks

Harvest Month : October

Difficulty : Moderate

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