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blueberry kush


1 ounce (30grams) $280
1/8 pound (56grams) $410
1/4 pound (112grams) $750
1/2 pound (224grams) $1200
1 pound (448grams) $2200



Strain Name : Blueberry Kush

Grade : A

Type : Indica

Looks :Light green flowers, copious red hairs, symmetrical buds

Smell : Honeysuckle, Oak

Taste : Honeysuckle, dry red wine

Effects : starts as a mellow lay-back and soak in the sunshine pain remover and then the creeper hits about 10-20 minutes later, and can last 2-3 hours in the morning/daytime, 1-1.5 at night.

Potency : Strong. Best to use in afternoon/eve, or after maximum pain/stress levels. Good before bed about an hour or two. Touch up if you can with that “ah, relax into the neck support pillow” final hit before going to the bedroom.

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